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What are the parts of an essay

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The abstract can be classified as descriptive, informative and structured. The descriptive, gives an overall idea of ​​the study, its extension is 50 to 100 words. It is generally not recommended for scientific journals. The informative is similar to a miniaturization, its extension is between 100 to 150 words. Structured, structured in sections: objectives, design, place / circumstances, object of study, intervention, measurements, main results and conclusions.

One of the most frequent errors in published research trials is not to include the abstract or make it perceptible.

About the Introduction

The introduction represents the presentation of the topic to be developed in the essay. It links the reader with content, one of its basic purposes being to convince him of the importance of the research presented.

In this section, the problem should be clearly identified and framed at the present time, it is recommended to do so in an interrogative way, clearly communicate the objectives of the essay, briefly present the most relevant contents, highlight the importance of the subject, justify the reasons By which the research is carried out and the hypothesis is formulated.

It is advisable not to put the conclusions of the essay and only make an invitation to find them in the course of reading.

On thematic development

In the development the contents of the test are exposed. In the case of research trials, the system of dialogue between the progress of their research and the results produced by other researchers can be used.

Each paragraph exemplifies an idea or justifies the idea put forward. Although every essay has the pretension of being read by any type of public, the scientific research essay can not lose sight of the use of the categorical references of the investigation, besides the proper use of own language of the science that is working.

The rationale for exposing the development of an essay can be deductive, this is the one that starts from the general ideas and then to the private ones.

Another form of exposure is through the inductive method where a particular case (properly documented) is exposed and then come to a general system of ideas or fundamentals.

A third way of exposing the development of an essay is through the dialectical method of confronting two theses and then establishing a synthesis.

In the development, the theses that support the research problem are presented through the analysis of the judgments that revolve around the positions that tend to defend the thesis.

You can insert the documentary references in the body of the essay) or the footer.

In addition to textual quotations, the interpretation system can be used, through exposure by paraphrasing the relevant data selected in documentary research. In this case, the reference will have the appropriate code within the document reference system being used and the data that identifies the text.

The footnotes also fulfill a clarifying function of the concepts in semantic terms or they allow us to broaden the horizon of compression of an idea.

About the Conclusions

In this section, the pertinent information should be presented to the scope of the study objectives and the problem in correspondence with the research findings.

The conclusions should follow a logical sequence, mentioning the relevant points, even those opposing the research problem, should be reported in detail to justify the conclusions.

This section should also show the solution or possible approximation to the solution of the problem exposed during the test. It seeks to recover the questions presented in the introduction or the body of work. If the case so demands, new questions may be included on the subject that express the need to continue researching and building on the subject.

About sources of documentary research

A research paper loses objectivity when it lacks sources of documentary research. These give it relevance, since they represent one of the main criteria of objectivity that must be shown in research works.

It is necessary to include the basic data of the bibliography according to the criterion of documentary research that is being used.